Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Department possess all kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Fawaz provides a wide range of equipment including A/C units and chillers, AHU’s, FCU’s, Ice Storage Tanks, copper coils, De-humidifiers and Motors. The department is in charge of supply, installation and commissioning of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment for our clients.

We also possess an exclusive innovative in-house product for Fawaz, branded as“FREGO” wherein other HVAC products like De-Humidifiers, Desert Coolers, DX, Split, Window and Portable unitsalso fall in the FREGO cart.

Our major projects are:

    • KISR Ahmadi Petroleum Research Center
    • Farwaniya Court Complex
    • Jahra Court Complex
    • Ministry of Electricity & Water
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Defense
    • Kuwait municipality
    • KOC
    • KNPC