Fawaz are here to:

  • Efficient management of client facilities through top notch service provision in the GCC area
  • Develop and implement a robust business model that meets international standards and guarantees long term growth and development forour clients by obtaining efficient and profitable facilities.

The services provided onsite includes:

  • Regular routine inspection
  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Identification and rectification of defects
  • Occupant relations/interface management
  • Implementation of best health and safety practice
  • Cost effective and eco friendly service suggestions

Hard Facility Management

  • Air conditioning and ventilation system installations & maintenance contracts
  • Refrigeration and cold rooms installations and maintenance contracts
  • Electro-mechanical equipment installations and maintenance contracts
  • Building maintenance contracts
  • Energy audit
  • Home maintenance services

Soft Facility Management

  • Housekeeping and cleaning services
  • Security services
  • Fa├žade cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Landscaping and irrigation systems
  • Waste management
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning